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Check Engine Light

If your Check Engine light turns on, don’t just ignore it or put a piece of duct tape over it because you are afraid of the cost to repair.

There’s a good chance that it could just mean your gas cap isn’t on tight enough or worse, your catalytic converter needs help. Basically, the catalytic converter changes toxic pollutants in your car into less toxic pollutants, and the levels are seen through an emissions test.

In general, it’s better to get things diagnosed and fixed sooner rather than later when it comes to cars as sitting on it could lead to more damages and a higher bill. In general, CarMD says that half of everyone with their Check Engine light on ignores it for more than three months. Plenty of time for damages to go from bad to worse.

Check Engine Vs. Service Required

The Check Engine is an internal computer system that monitors your car. When the “Service Required” light comes on, that is a whole different message. This just means that you are due for an oil change or some other routine maintenance.

When it comes to what Check Engine could mean, it’s best to bring it to a shop where they can diagnose and interpret the code, then take a look at your car to confirm, especially if you tightened your gas cap and it still is there a while later. These are the top five most common reasons your Check Engine light would turn on:

  1. O2 Sensor Needs Replacement
  2. Loose Gas Cap
  3. Catalytic Converter Replacement
  4. Mass Air Flow Sensor Malfunction
  5. Spark Plug Wires Replacement

All of these except the loose gas cap are interconnected so it’s important to fix one so that the others can function at its best level.

If your Check Engine light is on, we offer a Free Check Engine Light diagnostic. Contact an AAMCO Colorado location near you or schedule an appointment online today and we’ll make sure your car is great shape to drive.

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