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A car that operates smoothly is just like a piano that has been recently tuned. All the mechanical parts operate together in harmony, each doing their job perfectly that results in a smooth and harmonious drive. However, when you begin to hear annoying sounds that disrupts your harmonious driving, you need to find the reason for the awful noise and have it fixed as soon as you can. No one can bear to drive with all the squeaking or squealing, so you need to be able to diagnose the problem source and restore the smooth tune of your car whenever you operate it.

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Why Have A Professional Mechanic Bring Back The Harmony Of Your Car

Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to identify the main problem source of any type of noise being emitted from your car. If you are planning to trace back the problem, you may only be wasting time and effort, because there are various reasons for all the noise a car can make. Professional mechanics can easily find the source of the squeaking and squealing because they are familiar with the potential problems associated to the noise considering the years of experience they have. However, it is also useful if you know how to identify these sounds to give you a basic idea as what the problem may be, before you bring your car to a mechanic.

The Possible Sources For A Noisy Car

The frequency of the noise caused by car problems will depend on the type of material involved. Every type of car will have its own problems, but they will all encounter squealing and squeaking noises at some point of time. In fact, you will find it easier to identify problems as time passes by. Though squealing or squeaking noises usually occur when metal scrapes metal, they can also occur when certain car parts become loose or eventually wear out. Here are some possible sources-

1. Loose Serpentine Belt

Loose serpentine belts are a possible cause of all the squealing your car makes. To determine if this is truly the problem, open your car’s hood and check if the belt is loose. If it is, you can simply use a belt tensioner to tighten the serpentine belt for it to work normally. If you notice other problems with the belt, then consult with a mechanic.

2. Worn Out Brake Pads

Metal underneath the upper surfaces of brakes are exposed when they are scraped which leads to squealing whenever contact with other surfaces occur. Even the pins stuck in the brake caliper can trigger noise. To avoid such problem, you may want to invest in high quality brake pads. The brake system must also be checked regularly as a part of maintenance3. .

3. Faulty Wheel Bearing

A worn out axle or wheel bearing can also be a reason for a squealing car. The squealing noise is caused by the friction of worn out bearings which actually act as a buffer between the axle and the wheel. If you simply ignore the squealing noise your car makes, the squealing noise will turn into a grinding noise which will be more annoying to hear when you drive.

Valerie Allaine is a freelance writer specializing in car maintenance. She offers advice on how to keep cars working smoothly and how to identify the problems of squeaking and squealing cars. She also recommends seeing an automobile repair expert for reliable professional car repair and services.
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