FIAT 500L gear shiftA car transmission slipping could be due to a variety of issues and is more of a problem for automatic transmissions than manual transmissions.

Since it can be difficult to identify a transmission slipping, once you really notice it, it’s important to get it fixed quickly at a transmission repair shop. Knowing what to look out for is the first step to figuring out why your transmission is slipping.

How to Tell Transmission is Slipping

Although people seem to imply that the way to identify this is that it’s “slipping,” not everyone knows what that really means. Here are ways to tell that your transmission is slipping:

  • RPM Gauge on Dashboard is Above 3,500
  • Car Coasting for Too Long Without Braking
  • Delay in Acceleration
  • Difficulty Reversing
  • Difficulty Shifting Gears
  • Unusual or Burnt Smells
  • Check Engine Light is On

As you can see, there are many symptoms of a transmission slipping. These are often due to aging and worn components that need repairing or a transmission fluid service depending on what the cause is.

Causes of Transmission Slipping

A transmission will slip usually due to aging or low automatic transmission fluid. The transmission fluid could be low and just need a top off or there could be a leak in the system. If you notice puddles under your engine after parking somewhere, it is likely a leak somewhere.

Other than a leak, the transmission band could be worn out or broken, the clutch too thin, or the gears worn out. If there isn’t sufficient fluid or clean fluid, the gears won’t be lubricated well and they will get worn and slip against each other.

The burnt smells would be from burnt transmission fluid. It’s important to get your transmission fluid changed every 30,000 miles to get rid of suspended particles that accumulate over time and thickens the fluid. It should be a reddish color and it is easy to check the transmission fluid levels.

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