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Rated 4.1 out of 5 based on 108 reviews.

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Denver Transmissions & Auto Repair

AAMCO of Denver, CO handles all your drivetrain repairs, transmission rebuilds, and complete automotive maintenance services.

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At our local metro Denver transmission shop we take the difficulty and hassle out of your transmission repair. We have a simple mission: provide the highest quality customer satisfaction by providing superior transmission repair, rebuilds and car maintenance and repairs in the Denver metro area. When you visit your local AAMCO center in Denver, Colorado be assured that your auto repair is in the hands of knowledgeable, certified auto mechanics. AAMCO Denver serves the greater metro area, including Glendale, Cherry Creek, Park Hill, and Englewood. Call today

Why Choose AAMCO Transmission of Denver?

We are specialists in transmission repairs – automatic, manual, front wheel drive, overdrive, and 4×4 transmissions. Stop in and visit your neighborhood Denver metro area AAMCO Center today! Our award-winning customer service will make AAMCO Denver Transmissions and Auto Repair Services your one stop shop for transmission repair and auto service.

Foreign Car Transmission Experts

AAMCO Denver has in-house experience servicing transmissions for many makes and models of foreign cars. Our mechanics can help you with any transmission issues you have, from Audi and BMW to Mercedes and VW, Honda and Hyundai to Kia and Toyota. Call or make an appointment today with our expert service technicians.

Total Automotive Repair & Maintenance

In addition to the best transmission repairs and rebuilds in Denver, we offer many services and repairs for your car, from tune-ups and oil changes to manufacturer scheduled maintenance, inspections, and diagnostics.

Schedule Your Appointment

  • * We do our best to serve each and every customer. If you require an appointment within 24-36 hours, please call for assistance. Appointments booked online less than 24-36 hours in advance might not be available. Contact your selected AAMCO location directly to schedule your appointment.

AAMCO Denver Transmission & Total Car Care

Customer Reviews

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Really appreciated the great customer service and how good the car ran after the car service was conducted.
Josh was really helpful in finding me affordable transmission fit for my budget and was flexible to my schedule and knew how important it was to get me back on the road. Thank you Josh for your outstanding service in both areas. Five-star service for sure! Thanks again.

Patrick Martinez

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They were very professional. They kept in contact with me and were as fast as parts were available. I would recommend them to other individuals.

Mark Goldman

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Everyone was honest, helpful, informative and communicated well. Great Transmission repair and warranty.
Kathy Smith

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My 17.5-year old car needed major work. I was doubtful as to whether or not I should invest more money in an old car, but Josh “did some research” and found a way to make the needed repairs affordable. My car now drives perfectly. It’s as peppy as when it was new! Both Josh and Lee assured me my satisfaction was their top priority and, so far, I’m well-pleased. I’ll surely recommend them to anyone I know who’s in need of courteous, competent, affordable service.


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They took great care of my Durango and I! Fast, friendly, and my car runs amazing. They made sure everything was in great running order before we took off! Thanks so much! I will always be back to this location!
Jered Ramsey

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Great customer service, they took the time to go through all the specifics of the rebuilt trans they did on my ’06 Ford Escape. Best auto repair experience I’ve had.
Cody Kraatz

Denver Auto Repair Services

Car Repair FAQ

Get Answers to Your Car Care Questions

Get answers. Rest easy. All of our local Colorado AAMCO centers pride themselves on having knowledgeable auto repair technicians that provide excellent customer service and expert answers based on years of hands-on experience.

Ever wondered what happens if you use the wrong gas in your car?

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So what does happen when you put the wrong kind of gas in your car? Here are some of the awesome things that can go wrong, as well as what you should do in the event that this happens to you. Read more…

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AAMCO Denver Total Car Care

From transmissions to tune-ups, we’ve got you covered!

Signs of a Blown Transmission and What You Need to Do

There are many reasons your transmission might fail. Poor automotive design is one of the most difficult to come to terms with, because it can cost you a lot of money to maintain and inevitably repair, even when you did not do anything wrong. Along with the design comes poor manufacturing on the automaker’s part, as well as cheap parts and little to no quality assurance on the production line. [Read more…]

Here’s Why Your Car is Overheating

Your Car’s Cooling System Doesn’t Work – If your car’s cooling system is not in prime running condition, you risk overheating the engine. There are a few things you can look for and check, but the first thing to consider is the radiator. [Read more…]

Check Engine Light On?

There are many reasons your check engine light comes on, some simple to fix, some not so simple. From an oxygen sensor malfunction or a more serious catalytic failure, to something as simple as a bad spark plug or a loose gas cap, the check engine light is trying to tell you something. Don’t ignore it! [Read more…]

AAMCO Denver Transmission Services

AAMCO is one of the world’s most recognized names in transmission repair. We know transmissions, so when you need transmission service, no one does it better than your local Denver AAMCO expert technicians. We are a locally owned and operated family establishment, and we work hard to provide the best transmission repair and total car care in the Denver Metro area.

We offer all levels of transmission services, from diagnosis to repair, rebuild or replacement. If our initial diagnosis calls for service, you know it’ll be done right. If your car’s transmission problems can be solved with a fluid change or our proprietary Power Purge® service, that is what we will do. We keep you informed each step of the way, keeping your budget and best interests in mind as we recommend the right services for your situation.

Reseal Service

Your vehicle’s only problem could be that your automatic transmission is not retaining fluid with no other drivability problems. You may only need our AAMCO Reseal Service. The AAMCO Reseal Service for an automatic transmission includes:

  • Removal of the transmission from your vehicle, and disassembly sufficient to perform the service.
  • Replacement of all external seals and select components by expert AAMCO technicians to correct the fluid retention problem.

The transmission is reinstalled, fluid refilled to the full level with fresh, clean transmission fluid and any external adjustments are made as needed. Your vehicle is then road tested to ensure the transmission is functioning properly and your car, truck or SUV is ready to take you anywhere you need to go.

Transmission Service

Our signature transmission rebuild service is the difference and gives us the confidence to offer you the best nationwide warranty in the business. Whether you drive a car, truck or SUV. Manual or automatic transmission. Foreign or domestic. Luxury or economy. We know your transmission.

Clutch Service

Drive a manual transmission? We know those too! Our Transmission Multi-Point Inspection check may find your problem is with your clutch and cannot be corrected by external adjustments, repair or replacement of a clutch-related component. Your certified AAMCO expert technician will then:

  • Remove your vehicle’s transmission.
  • Inspect the clutch disc, pressure plate, flywheel and related components.
  • Replace any required components to meet AAMCO’s exacting standards.
  • Reinstall of the transmission.
  • Refill with fresh, clean fluid.
  • Perform a lift check to ensure proper clutch installation and adjustment.

Your vehicle is then road tested to ensure proper clutch operation, and your car, truck or SUV is ready to go for miles and miles to come.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Might Have a Transmission Problem

You know your vehicle. So when it starts acting differently, you take notice. Are you currently hearing strange sounds or is there a peculiar smell coming from your vehicle? Is it handling differently than normal on the road? The most important thing is properly diagnosing the root cause of your vehicle’s issue. Below are the tops reasons or signs that you may require transmission repair:

The top signs your transmission may be failing:

AAMCO is the most trusted name in transmission repair and has been for over 50 years. What sets us apart is our comprehensive diagnostic approach, along with the knowledge and expertise to pinpoint the root of your transmission issue. You may be experiencing a problem with your transmission if your vehicle is exhibiting any of the following symptoms below:

  1. Transmission won’t engage or stay in gear If when you put your vehicle into gear and it won’t move, this may be a problem with low transmission fluid due to a leak, the shifter, shifter cable, or it could even be a problem in the valve body of your automatic transmission. Newer vehicles depend on the computer to tell the transmission when to go into gear based on your selection and you may need to have the computer system checked for trouble codes.
  2. Shifts are delayed or missing gears If your transmission takes a while to go into gear, you may have a low transmission fluid condition because of a leak or contamination due to lack of maintenance or even water intrusion during off road or flooding conditions. While this may not sound serious, but this can also create an overheating condition that can damage internal transmission parts. Other possibilities could be an engine related problem that will cause the computer to not allow the transmission to shift into higher gears.
  3. Transmission slipping or engine is revving high This condition can also be caused by low transmission fluid, contamination due to lack of maintenance or water intrusion, or internal wear and tear on the transmission parts inside the transmission. A high revving engine is a typical sign that you have worn clutches or other parts inside the transmission going bad.
  4. Transmission fluid is leaking A red fluid under the vehicle is a sign that you probably have a transmission fluid leak from one of the cooler lines, a gasket or a seal. This is not only bad for the transmission but is also dangerous if the fluid leaks on a hot pipe or other surface. Check your dipstick for proper fluid level and condition. Note: not all transmission fluid is red and not all levels can be verified with a dipstick method, but require specials tools.
  5. If there’s a burning smell A burning smell is typically caused by a fluid leak or in some cases by low fluid causing a burning clutch smell. If you catch the fluid leak quickly you might be able to save the transmission from damage. Check your transmission dipstick as per the manufacturer’s direction for level and condition.
  6. If there is buzzing, clunking, humming noise A buzzing, clicking, humming, roaring noise from inside the transmission is usually a symptom of a bad bearing, planetary gears damage, or other internal problem. A buzzing could also come from a bad internal sealing surface, a seal, or low transmission fluid due to a leak.
  7. Car has no power If the vehicle has no or little power and the engine is running correctly, this could be from internal transmission problems, brakes that are dragging due to a faulty caliper or brake hose, or your computer in the vehicle is limiting power because of a problem it has detected in order to protect the engine. Have the vehicle checked for trouble codes to isolate the problem.
  8. Check Engine Light or Over Drive Light is on A check engine light is not dedicated to the engine only. A check engine light can also tell you that you have problems with the transmission including overheating, solenoid problems, speed sensors, slipping and many other problems. Have the trouble codes retrieved to see what systems and circuits are indicating a problem. While not all sensor related codes mean the sensor is bad or will repair the issue, it will give you a starting point for the concern.

Manual Transmissions:

  1. Gears are grinding when shifting  When your manual transmission grinds when shifting gears that is typically a condition related to the clutch not releasing, the shift synchronizer rings inside the transmission itself worn or broken, or a shifter wear or adjustment problem. Transmission oil/fluid that is low, dirty or the wrong fluid can also cause this problem in manual transmissions.
  2. The clutch pedal grabs very low or very high  A clutch pedal that engages very low is typically a problem with the linkage or hydraulic system that operates the clutch. A simple adjustment or bleeding might solve this if there are no hydraulic leaks. A clutch pedal that grabs very high could be an adjustment, or more likely a worn clutch disc and pressure plate.

Power Purge® Transmission Services

image - logo for AAMCO's proprietary Power Purge Transmission Fluid Flush and Cleaning ServiceSchedule an appointment for AAMCO’s exclusive Power Purge® or Power Purge® Plus Transmission Flush (Fluid Exchange) services. Our Power Purge® services are the most comprehensive transmission maintenance services available anywhere. Power Purge® is a proprietary process the replaces virtually all of the old, degraded transmission fluid with fresh fluid to help prolong the life of your transmission. Much more than just a simple fluid drain from the transmission pan, our expert technicians check and then exchange virtually all of the old fluid from your transmission system using our state of the art patented Power Purge® equipment.

AAMCO’s Power Purge® Service Includes:

  • A complete Transmission Multi Point Vehicle Courtesy Check for your transmission and related systems.
  • Exchange of virtually all of the old transmission fluid – including the torque converter and cooler.
    Other basic transmission fluid changes can leave up to 30% of old fluid in the torque converter and cooler. AAMCO’s Power Purge® fluid exchange services removes dirty, gritty and worn out, ieffective fluid that can harm your transmission.
  • A complete refill with fresh, clean transmission fluid.
  • A thorough test drive and check for leaks.

What is Transmission Fluid?

image of car on lift, transmission fluid draining in long, red stream.Transmission fluid helps to keep the moving parts inside your car’s transmission moving smoothly. This fluid also helps keep the different parts of your transmission cool. Shifting mechanical gears is a hard task for your car. Transmission fluid allows your car to shift with ease while protecting the metal parts that rub against each other from wearing out. Most people know about engine oil since it requires changing often – but most people don’t know about the importance of transmission fluid and when to change it.

Automatic Transmission Fluid

If your car has an automatic transmission, it has. Additionally, some more modern manual transmission cars use fluid, too. Automatic transmission fluid is specially formulated for the requirements of an automatic transmission and helps with functions such as gear lubrication, brake band friction, and valve operation. Transmission fluid is one of the hardest working fluids in your car and it’s important to keep it clean and at the proper levels.

Manual Transmission Fluid

Also known as manual transmission oil, manual transmission fluid is used in some manual transmission cars. It is not interchangeable with automatic transmission fluid! Manual transmission fluid is never used in automatic transmission cars. Just because your car is a manual transmission does not mean that it uses manual transmission fluid. Manual transmission fluid can be a variety of different oils from normal motor oil to heavyweight hypoid gear oil. Always be sure to check your owner’s manual for the specifications for your car.

How to Safely Drive Manual vs. Automatic Transmissions

image of Fiat gear shift closeup

There are two types of transmissions that vehicles can be built with. These include either an automatic transmission or a manual transmission. There are several pros and cons to each that you want to consider before driving one or the other. How you drive these two types of transmissions will also change while driving in the snow during winter time. So make sure you know how to drive your particular car’s transmission when the time comes.

Whichever you choose, rest assured that AAMCO Colorado has you covered should you need any repairs – transmission or otherwise. If you end up grinding that manual transmission into oblivion as you learn to drive stick, we’ll fix it for you! [Read more…]

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Over 50 Years of Trust, Quality & Value

For more than 50 years, AAMCO Transmission and Total Car Care centers have been the most trusted experts in the diagnosis, service and maintenance of transmissions. We provide a full range of automobile repair and maintenance services to keep you on the road safely and reliably.

Call Your Local AAMCO Colorado First

You can trust your neighborhood Colorado AAMCO to diagnose and repair your car right. We keep you informed and updated along the way – but before starting any repair, we perform an extensive multi-point inspection on your transmission. It’s an $85 value available at many centers for free! And for over half the cars we service, we find that only a minor repair is required. We don’t make unnecessary repairs or nickle and dime you. We provide honest, affordable expert transmission services, parts, and repairs. Call a competitor or local independent shop and they may quote you a price for a transmission that you may not need!