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AAMCO Greeley, Colorado Transmissions & Car Repairs

(970) 330-4858
2445 West 29th St.
Greeley, CO 80631

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From transmission rebuilds to tune-ups, brakes, air conditioning, oil changes and more, AAMCO Greeley has got you covered. We look forward to your appointment!

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Greeley Auto Repair Services

AAMCO ECO-Green Auto Service

image of AAMCO Greeley exterior service bay, American flag waving in breeze.

The leader in transmissions and complete car care is now the leader in providing automotive services and shops that are friendly to the environment. ECO-Green is the certification class for AAMCO dealers who meet rigorous environmental standards that go well beyond established federal and state requirements.

At AAMCO of Greeley, Colorado you can expect the best quality auto repair and maintenance service in Greeley and surrounding areas. We are here for your transmission repairs and rebuilds, oil and filter changes, cooling and radiator services, Greeley brake repairs and service, fluid services, strut and shock repairs, car tune-up services, and all your other Greeley auto repair needs. Come talk to a trusted local mechanic at your neighborhood Greeley AAMCO Center today and see why we stake our reputation on our award-winning customer service.

For over 50 years AAMCO has been a trusted name in transmissions, but we can fix just about anything on your vehicle. From brakes to tune ups, shocks to air conditioning, AAMCO can do it all. Your local AAMCO repair centers also provide numerous other services and benefits you won’t get with other mechanics.

  • External and Computer Diagnostic Services
  • Night-time Drop-off Available
  • Free Towing with Major Repair Service
  • We Honor Most Extended Warranties
  • Most General Repair Services Available
  • Nationwide Coverage on All Transmission Repair Services
  • Financing Arranged on Approved Credit
  • Specialists in Automatic, Manual, Front Wheel Drive, Overdrive, and 4x4’s

Car repair questions? Get Answers.

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How Do You Know If Your Car Needs a Tune-Up?

There are many signs your car might need a tune up. Your gas mileage could decrease by 10% or more. You might experience strange engine performance or sounds, smells, vibrations. A common indication or needing a good tune-up is when your engine chugs on acceleration, or shudders when you’re stopped at a light. Some other common signs include:

  • Check engine light
  • Smoke coming from under the hood
  • Excessive smoke from the exhaust
  • Recurring or sudden transmission issue
  • Leaks
  • Noises while driving
  • Engine chugging, racing or shaking

Book an appointment at AAMCO Greeley for the best tune-up around.

Car Repair FAQ

Get Answers to Your Car Repair Questions

Get answers. Rest easy. We are experts you can rely on. All of our local Colorado AAMCO centers pride themselves on having knowledgeable auto repair technicians that provide excellent customer service and expert answers based on years of hands-on experience. If you don’t find the answer, use our handy Ask a Mechanic feature.

Get Answers Fast!

Check Engine Light On?

image of orange check engine lights icon that would appear on dashboard display.

If you’re driving around with the check engine light on, you’re running on borrowed time. There are many reasons your check engine light comes on, some simple to fix, some not so simple. From an oxygen sensor malfunction or a more serious catalytic failure (and the first one can lead to the next one, BTW), to something as simple as a bad spark plug or a loose gas cap, the check engine light is trying to tell you something. It’s better to get things diagnosed and fixed sooner rather than later. Ignoring that little light could lead to other more severe engine problems and a higher bill. In general, CarMD says that half of everyone with their Check Engine light on ignores it for more than three months. Plenty of time for damages to go from bad to worse. Don’t ignore it! [Read more…]

Trust us – you will love not having that light on anymore!

Greeley Transmission Services

AAMCO Transmission Services

image of transmission in 800 pieces, suspended in mid-air.

We’re one of the nation’s most recognized names in transmission repair. We know transmissions, from torque converters to planetary gears to synchronizers and all the parts in and around. So, when you need transmission service, no one does it better than your local AAMCO expert technicians.
If our initial diagnosis calls for service, you know it’ll be done right. If your transmission problems are minor and can be solved with a fluid change or our proprietary Power Purge® service, we will tell you and get it done quickly and reliably.

Reseal Service

It could be that your transmission simply has a leak, which needs to be fixed to avoid low fluid levels, excessive friction and overheating, and eventual transmission damage and failure. The AAMCO Reseal Service for an automatic transmission includes:

  • Removal of the transmission from your vehicle, and disassembly sufficient to perform the service.
  • Replacement of all external seals and select components by expert AAMCO technicians to correct the fluid retention problem.

The transmission is reinstalled, fluid refilled to the full level with fresh, clean transmission fluid, and any external adjustments are made as needed. Your vehicle is then road tested to ensure the transmission is functioning properly and your car, truck or SUV is ready to take you anywhere you need to go.

Transmission Rebuild Service

Our signature transmission rebuild service is the difference between AAMCO and the others – it gives us the confidence to offer you the best nationwide warranty in the business. Whether you drive a car, truck or SUV. Manual or automatic transmission. Foreign or domestic. Luxury or economy. We know your transmission.

Clutch Service

Drive a manual transmission? We know those too! Our Transmission Multi-Point Inspection check may find your problem is with your clutch and cannot be corrected by external adjustments, repair or replacement of a clutch-related component. Your certified AAMCO expert technician will then:

  • Remove your vehicle’s transmission.
  • Inspect the clutch disc, pressure plate, flywheel and related components.
  • Replace any required components to meet AAMCO’s exacting standards.
  • Reinstall of the transmission.
  • Refill with fresh, clean fluid.
  • Perform a lift check to ensure proper clutch installation and adjustment.

Your vehicle is then road tested to ensure proper clutch operation, and your car, truck or SUV is ready to go for miles and miles to come.

Multi-Point Inspection & Diagnostics Services

Fixing your transmission starts with an accurate diagnosis. That’s why we perform our exclusive AAMCO Transmission Multi-Point Inspection & Diagnostics® service on every car before we do any repair.
image of cross-section of a car gearbox and clutch.
We have the technology and the expertise to pin-point the root of your transmission problems, so we only repair what needs fixing and nothing more. Over half of the time, we’ll discover your transmission only requires a minor fix. It’s why AAMCO is the most trusted name in transmissions and has been for over 50 years.

Our exclusive AAMCO Multi-Point Inspection & Diagnostics® include all of these checks:

  • Check the level and condition of your transmission fluid
  • Check the level and condition of transfer case and differential fluid, where applicable.
  • Perform a road test, to experience first-hand any problems you have noticed and to evaluate your car’s performance including:​
  • Initial engagements
  • Each drive range
  • Upshift timing
  • Upshift quality
  • Downshift timing
  • Downshift quality
  • Passing gear
  • TCC engagement
  • Neutral
  • Reverse
  • Noises
  • Vibrations
  • 4x4 performance
  • Park-hold

Your vehicle will be placed on a lift to inspect the controls under the vehicle for any possible cause of the problem external to the transmission including:

  • Shift linkage or cable
  • Vacuum connections
  • TV/detent cable/linkage
  • Engine performance
  • Harness connections
  • Ground connections
  • Engine idleMounts
  • Final driveAxles and shafts
  • U-joints/CV joints
  • Fluid retention
  • Pan gasketWire condition
  • Scan the computer for trouble codes.

image of computer generated diagnostic image of car.

Computer and Internal Diagnostics

Our advanced computer and internal diagnostics are the next level of diagnostics that ensure AAMCO technicians will only fix what needs fixing. Many transmission problems start in the computer system of today’s highly technical, computer-controlled vehicles, your transmission receives the wrong signals from your vehicle’s computer system. The AAMCO Computer Diagnostic Service is performed to determine if an electronic component is affecting your transmission’s shifting or overall performance and includes:

  • Using a computer system scanner to retrieve any trouble codes and to determine the probable cause. All critical computer systems in the vehicle are checked for trouble codes, because a variety of systems could cause drivability issues.
  • Reviewing the computer system data against our proprietary AAMCO technical database – the most extensive transmission computer diagnostic source available anywhere.
  • Connecting the AAMCO Kwiktest™ PlusBox to see whether the problem is inside or outside of the transmission in the computer system.

Your certified AAMCO center technician will also:

  • Check the electronic components
  • Check the solenoids and sensors
  • Check the wiring that effects the transmission, solenoids and sensors

Your AAMCO certified technician can then determine if an electronic component or part needs to be replaced, and make a recommendation for whatever service is necessary. It is our comprehensive diagnostic approach that sets AAMCO apart, so that you only get the repair you need and your car, truck or SUV is back on the road as soon as possible.

Transmission Tips from AAMCO Greeley

One of many ways that AAMCO Greeley certified technicians can diagnose a lot of transmission problems is by looking at the level and quality of your transmission fluid. Here are some tips from the pros at your local Greeley AAMCO.

Check and look at the transmission fluid.

image of transmission fluid color chart

You can learn a lot by looking at your car’s transmission fluid in your own garage or driveway.

If you see low fluid levels, you may have a leak – and that’s something that needs to be fixed! Come toyour local Greeley AAMCO for our Transmission Multi-Point check. We will identify any small leak before it becomes a big headache.

Burned or discolored fluid is a bad sign

The color and condition of your transmission fluid can help you determine if you have a transmission problem:

  • Normal fluid is reddish-brown and translucent, with no particular odor.
  • Contaminated fluid has water or particles in the fluid.
  • Burnt fluid may indicate damage from overheating.
  • Varnished fluid may have been overheated repeatedly.

If you notice burned or black fluid, or water or particles in your transmission fluid, bring your car into AAMCO immediately. We can diagnose your transmission problem before a major breakdown or before it costs a lot more money to repair.

AAMCO Greeley – Customer Service

Satisfied customers are the best part of a job well done. Come to AAMCO Greeley to experience the difference in transmission repair and auto repair and maintenance. We put the care back into car – and customer – care!

“Life Savers, needless I say. The honesty and loyalty this little (family) shares with you is priceless. The feeling of knowing i will be treated as a part of that family keeps me at peace. Thank you Mike Antonucci and your crew there for always being dependable and honest! Bless you all!” ★★★★★

“Everything that you could want in a quality mechanic. Trustworthy, intelligent, professional, and FAST!” ★★★★★

They are amazing! They have done the transmission in 2 of my vehicles now. All the guys in there are awesome. Mike is amazing, love his no bull straight forward to the point personality.” ★★★★★

“I just had my wife’s Jeep Cherokee Laredo serviced at this AAMCO. We thought it was going to be a serious repair; either transmission or cooling system. It turned out to be the water pump. Mike was extremely friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I had made an appointment online but due to some technical issues, they never received my request. However, Mike graciously took the car in anyway. He also saved us money on the repair and the car was ready when promised. My wife has reported that her car now runs “different”, but in a GOOD way. It’s smoother and quieter and she is completely happy. And you know what they say? Happy wife, happy life. I would also like to mention James who was also very friendly to my wife. If you live in Greeley; heck even if you don’t, I WHOLEHEARTEDLY recommend AAMCO Greeley for all of your auto repair needs. We have found our new mechanic. Thank you to everyone at AAMCO Greeley!” ★★★★★

“I took in my Dodge Neon to have a transmission issue fixed and It was great service! The issue was promptly diagnosed and my car was back on the road in a timely manner. Mike was very nice and professional, he also offered me advice on car maintenance which I really appreciate. I’m comfortable taking my car here again.” ★★★★★

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