AAMCO Car Tune Up

Recently, a new AAMCO customer named James paid a visit to a Broomfield AAMCO location. After he had been serviced, we caught up with him to ask how about his experience with AAMCO. James first mentioned that in late April he realized that he needed to have his vehicle checked up as his truck was making strange noises and not acting normally. Though, before he could have his vehicle looked at, it stopped working entirely. He called around and found that other transmission service providers were not getting back to him, they said that they would call but never did. James needed to have his car repaired, and he couldn’t wait. The distance he had to travel to work was great, and needed to be mobile again as fast as possible.

James called a Broomfield AAMCO location and found that they understood how urgently his vehicle needed to be repaired. AAMCO also offered to tow his vehicle at no extra charge to their shop location. Once there, they found that there were 8 parts total that needed to be replaced, and his transmission needed to be fully rebuilt. James found this out after his free AAMCO transmission check, which is available to anyone. James mentioned that he trusted their judgment and found them to honest. After his free check up, they found the various problems and made recommendations as to what can be done. James, being happy that he finally understood what was wrong, told them to proceed with his vehicle repairs.

AAMCO towed James’ vehicle on April 30th, and told him it was ready for him to pick up on May 3rd with all of the repairs made. Within that time, James mentioned he was very pleased with the communication he received from the shop, and he was never in the dark as to what was happening with his vehicle. He was pleased about a $100 off coupon he received, and was told that he should come back in after a week or so for another free inspection to ensure that all of the repairs made were holding up. He was also offered an extended warranty on his transmission. James believed this to be a worthwhile investment as the cost to that as opposed to having to rebuild another transmission in the future is quite significant.

We asked James on a scale of 1-10 what his experience was dealing with AAMCO and he emphatically answered a 9. When asked what kept it from a 10, he said “Nobody can receive a rating of 10 on anything, as that leaves no room for improvement.” He mentioned that he was completely satisfied with their work thus far, would use them again in the future, and he would recommend their services to anyone who needed transmission repair work done.

We are pleased to hear about another another satisfied customer. As the saying goes… those who know, go to AAMCO!