Our Automotive and Transmission Repair Shops are Locally Owned

We guarantee our service with the best warranty coverage possible.

Transmissions Repair Services

With 50+ years of experience you can trust in AAMCO, the nation’s leading transmission repair experts.

Auto Repair & Total Car Care

Is your car making a strange noise? Time for an oil change?  Let our certified mechanics help with your next automotive repair.

Have a Question About Your Car?

Find out what’s wrong with your car by asking one of our mechanics online or bring your vehicle to one of our locally owned shops!

Find Your Local AAMCO Colorado

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      AAMCO Colorado Transmission Repair & Total Car Care

      Our Colorado transmission and automotive repair centers specialize in transmission repair & total car care. As trusted, local Denver metro and Front Range Colorado mechanics we can handle all your automotive repair and maintenance needs. AAMCO Colorado transmission & auto repair centers offer a wide range of services to help keep your car in good running condition all year ’round. From regularly scheduled tune ups and factory recommended maintenance, to oil changes, brake services, and exhaust system and muffler repairs, to shocks and struts, radiators, cooling systems, and air conditioning – we do it all because we know cars. Our family owned and operated Colorado service centers provide reliable and affordable automobile repair and maintenance, as well as trusted diagnosis and advice on keeping your car in optimum and safe operating condition. Customer service is our number one priority.

      Transmission Services

      Come to the most experienced and affordable transmission repair and rebuild mechanics in Colorado. Nationwide warranty and complete automotive repair services.

      We know transmissions and when you need transmission service, no one does it better than your local AAMCO expert technicians. AAMCO Colorado is your one-stop shop for transmission repairs, rebuilds, and replacements backed by a nationwide warranty. Our certified technicians can handle any transmission repair. Rely on our mechanics to quickly diagnose and repair your automatic and manual transmission problems. We use modern computer diagnostics to identify transmission and engine issues so we can repair your car reliably and get you back on the road without worry.

      We work on all makes and models, including 4x4s. From fluid change and PowerPurge® service to reseals, clutches, and rebuilds, AAMCO technicians are specially trained and certified. Discover the AAMCO difference! Stop in or call for an appointment today!

      Automotive Repair & Total Car Care Services

      Here at AAMCO We Do More Than Transmissions

      Our Colorado transmission and automotive repair centers specialize in transmissions, but as trusted, local Denver metro and Front Range Colorado mechanics we handle all your automotive repair and maintenance needs. You can rely on our technicians to diagnose and repair your automatic and manual transmission problems. In addition to clutch service and replacement, transmission flushes, and rebuilds, we use modern computer diagnostics to identify engine and other issues throughout your car’s systems so we can repair your car reliably and get you back on the road without worry. We work on all makes and models, including 4x4s.

      Brake Service & Repair

      Does your car not stop like it should, or do you have loud or squeaky brakes?  Let the experts at AAMCO take a look.

      Oil Change Service

      Make your local AAMCO Colorado your go-to automotive service shop for quick and easy oil changes.

      Radiator & Cooling Repair

      Is your vehicle overheating?  Bring it in right away and let our expert mechanics take care of it right away.

      Automotive Tune-Up

      Choose AAMCO for your regular automotive checkups to ensure your vehicle lasts as long as it should.

      Factory Maintenance

      We are experienced with regular recommended maintenence for both domestic and foreign automobiles.

      Air Conditioning Repair

      Having some trouble with your car’s A/C not working properly or at all?  Let us help you beat the heat.

      Suspension Service & Repair

      Has your ride gotten bumpy or rough?  Let us take a peek at your suspension system, shocks, or struts.

      Battery & Starter Service

      If your car isn’t starting every time you turn the key, then you may have a battery or starter issue.

      Exhaust & Muffler Repair

      Worried about passing an emissions test or is your car making a rattling noise?  Let us take a look.

      Car Repair FAQ

      Get Answers to Your Car Care Questions

      Get answers. Rest easy. All of our local Colorado AAMCO centers pride themselves on having knowledgeable auto repair technicians that provide excellent customer service and expert answers based on years of hands-on experience.

      Check Engine Light On?

      There are many reasons your check engine light comes on, some simple to fix, some not so simple. From an oxygen sensor malfunction or a more serious catalytic failure, to something as simple as a bad spark plug or a loose gas cap, the check engine light is trying to tell you something. Don’t ignore it!

      AAMCO Colorado’s expert mechanics can diagnose that check engine light and run diagnostics on your vehicle, including computer codes. We’ll make sure everything is in good working order, note needed repairs or scheduled maintenance, and get you back on the road safely and reliably. Call or come into your locally owned Colorado AAMCO transmission and total car care center today for an accurate diagnosis and the best in automotive repairs, maintenance, and customer service.

      Battery Services

      A well-maintained battery gives you peace of mind, especially when the weather turns cold. If your car won’t start, battery keeps running down, engine won’t start on first try or won’t turn over at all, you should have the battery checked. Bring your car in for a car battery checkup or replacement service at your Colorado AAMCO Transmission & Total Car Care Book an appointment for your AAMCO Battery Service today!

      Free Multi-Point Inspections

      The AAMCO Multi-Point Inspection is a thorough review of all major systems in your car to make sure it is completely up to date on recommended factory maintenance. The AAMCO Multi-Point Inspection® includes a vehicle performance checkup, as well as thorough under-hood and under-car inspections. Most AAMCO Colorado centers provide this 36-step check at no cost with any service at AAMCO. It’s priceless peace-of-mind for your car’s reliability and your family’s safety. Book an appointment for your AAMCO Multi-Point inspection today!

      Muffler & Exhaust Repair

      If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of exhaust system problems, like the following, have your vehicle inspected as soon as possible.

      • Steady Roar or Rumbling
      • Rattling
      • Hissing
      • Metallic Vibrations
      • Colored Smoke From Tailpipe

      Colorado AAMCO’s emission and exhaust muffler repair services include inspection and repair for your catalytic converter, oxygen sensor, EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valves and sensors, muffler, exhaust pipes, exhaust manifold, resonator, tail pipes, brackets, clamps, and hardware. We guarantee our services with the Best Nationwide Warranty for your Vehicle.

      Starting, Charging, & Electrical System Repair

      Don’t leave something as complex as your car’s electrical system to a do-it-yourself project or your friend’s garage. If you are experiencing electrical system problems, get some peace of mind and bring your car to your local AAMCO Colorado Transmission and Total Car Care center for a complete Vehicle Courtesy Check diagnostic. We’ll help you keep your car running reliably so you won’t have to worry about whether your car will start in the next cold snap, or if you’ll weather the next blizzard. Colorado AAMCO transmission and auto repair shops excel at diagnosing and repairing your vehicle’s electrical system. Let us help keep your car running in tip-top shape.

      See All of Our Automotive Repair Services

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