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From transmission rebuilds and replacements to tune-ups, brakes and air conditioning. Our AAMCO multi-point inspection will find the problem and we’ll fix it right! Call or book online today!

Road trip? Car trouble? We’re right off I-25.

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Colorado Springs Transmission Repair - AAMCO Colorado Springs, CO

AAMCO Transmissions & Auto Repair of Colorado Springs

432 W. Garden Of The Gods Rd
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Call: (719) 599-8843

Hours of Operation:
Mon-Fri: 7:30am – 5:30pm
Sat: 9:00am – 1:00pm

AAMCO Colorado Springs
Transmission & Auto Repair

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Rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 61 reviews.

Schedule Your Appointment

  • * We do our best to serve each and every customer. If you require an appointment within 24-36 hours, please call for assistance. Appointments booked online less than 24-36 hours in advance might not be available. Contact your selected AAMCO location directly to schedule your appointment.

7 Signs You Need a Tune-Up

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Keep your car out of the repair shop and get a vehicle check up sooner rather than later. Schedule an appointment for a complete tune-up at your local Colorado Springs AAMCO service center. And if you don’t know the 7 signs you need a tune-up, find out now!

Colorado Springs Auto Tune-Up

Get your car tuned up at AAMCO Colorado Springs. You’ll get better gas mileage, improved performance, and lower emissions – and your car will just feel better as you drive. Expert AAMCO mechanics give your car a thorough checkup and make any needed adjustments to keep your car running smoothly, including installation of new spark plugs. We will also perform the following services, if applicable to your vehicle:

  • Idle speed adjustment, set timing as needed, inspect choke, throttle linkage, spark plug wires and distributor cap
  • Comprehensive performance check to verify that no drivability or computer system trouble codes exist
  • Plus our AAMCO Multi-Point Inspection® to ensure all of your vehicle’s critical systems are in good working order.

Come on in to your local AAMCO Colorado Springs, call, or book online for a tune-up.

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Great customer service and affordable prices. I have been taking my jeep here since 2009 as well as my family’s vehicles. I won’t take my jeep anywhere else!” ★★★★★ – Jenn R.

“Everyone looks for a local mechanic that’s competent, quick, and, above all, honest. If that’s you, look no further. These guys worked around my schedule, got me in, and fixed my truck on time and as quoted. Their customer service is top-notch and their prices are more-than-fair.” ★★★★★ – Scott T.

“I have been doing business with AAMCO at Garden of the Gods for years and years. All my family members bring their cars there for service and repairs. I highly recommend them for all kinds of vehicle service. Their work is the highest quality and their prices are very fair.” ★★★★★ – Sidney P.

image of happy customers with AAMCO mechanic.

Honda Acura Expert

Honda logo

AAMCO Colorado Springs has in-house experience in Honda Acura transmissions and repairs. Our expert can help you with any issues you have, from Civic to Pilot, ILX to MDX, Integra to Legend. Call or make an appointment today with our expert Honda Acura service technician.

Repair and maintenance services offered by AAMCO Colorado Springs:

  • Honda Acura Repairs
  • Car Tune-Up
  • Transmission Repair
  • Oil Change & Fluids Service
  • Radiator & Cooling System
  • Air Conditioning Service
  • Brakes, Struts & Shocks
  • Battery Replacement
  • Electrical System

Did you know?

The Honda Pilot and Acura MDX share many components? Both models have the J35Y series 3.5L V6 engine, and each can be equipped with an optional 9-speed automatic transmission. AAMCO Colorado Springs offers expert repair services for your Honda Acura vehicles.

Car Repair FAQ

Get Answers to Your Car Care Questions

Get answers. Rest easy. All of our local Colorado AAMCO centers pride themselves on having knowledgeable auto repair technicians that provide excellent customer service and expert answers based on years of hands-on experience.

Get Answers Fast!

Four-Wheel (4X4) Drive Transmission Services

image of yellow Jeep 4x4, big tires, rough and tough off-roading
Whether you like to go hard-charging off-roading or just use your four-wheel drive to get through tough driving conditions like snow or mud, four-wheel drive vehicles demand rugged performance – and their transmissions work hard. When properly maintained, AAMCO Colorado Springs can help keep your 4x4 on the road or off the road (as the case may be) and on the trail.

Our four-wheel drive / 4x4 services include:

  • Draining and refilling the Transfer Case with fresh, clean fluid.
  • Draining and refilling the Front Differential with fresh, clean fluid.
  • Draining and refilling the Rear Differential with fresh, clean fluid.
  • For 4X4’s with an automatic transmission, perform the AAMCO Power Purge Transmission Flush, a 100% total transmission fluid exchange for automatic transmissions, available only at AAMCO.
  • For 4X4’s with a manual transmission, drain and refill the transmission with new fluid.Plus, a complete Transmission Multi-Point Inspection check to spot any potential problems before they happen.

AAMCO Colorado Springs are the experts in complete maintenance and repair services for your SUV or 4x4.

AAMCO Colorado Springs, Colorado Transmissions & Car Repairs

(719) 599-8843          Get Map & Directions
432 W. Garden Of The Gods Rd.
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Colorado Springs Transmission & Auto Repair

At AAMCO Colorado Springs transmission center we specialize in transmissions, but we can handle all your car repair and maintenance needs. From tune ups and factory recommended maintenance, to oil changes, brakes, exhaust system and muffler repairs, shocks and struts, radiators, cooling systems, and air conditioning, we’ll keep your car in top operating condition. Your vehicle will receive total car care and transmission repair by knowledgeable, well-trained, expert technicians. Our award-winning customer service will make AAMCO Colorado Springs transmission center your one-stop shop for transmission repair and auto service. Our experience and knowledge allow us to provide repairs, service, and solutions for all makes and models, especially Honda and Acura. We are specialists in automatic, manual, front wheel drive, overdrive, and 4×4 transmissions.

At AAMCO Colorado Springs, great service doesn’t end with your vehicle being serviced or repaired. We offer many additional convenient services for our customers.

  • Comprehensive 36-step ProtectCheck® Inspection
  • External & Computer Diagnostic Services
  • Night-Time Drop-off
  • Free Towing with Major Repair Service
  • Most General Repair Services Available
  • Financing with Approved Credit

AAMCO honors most extended warranties and provides nationwide coverage for transmission repair. Visit your local Colorado Springs AAMCO Center today, because people who know go to AAMCO! See the AAMCO Colorado blog for helpful information and tips on keeping your car in top operating condition.

Blown Transmission?

Call (719) 599-8843

image - thumbnail of transmission with words Transmission Repair and Service overlaid.

There are many reasons your transmission might fail. Poor automotive design is one of the most difficult to come to terms with, because it can cost you a lot of money to maintain and inevitably repair, even when you did not do anything wrong. Along with the design comes poor manufacturing on the automaker’s part, as well as cheap parts and little to no quality assurance on the production line. [Read more…]

Signs Your Transmission Needs Repair

image of a transmission torque converter in pieces during repair.

Over many years of operation, a transmission experiences a lot of wear. Here is a handy infographic with some of the common signs your transmission needs to be inspected and possibly repaired. Here is a handy infographic with some of the common signs to be aware of. [Get infographic…]

Why Is My Car Shaking When Stopped or Idling?

image of auto mechanic at work on engine, hood up.

My Car Shakes While Idling Your car should run smoothly, whether moving or stopped. If it shakes while it idles, you could be in for a visit to the mechanic. When your car is functioning properly it should run smoothly in all driving modes – moving fast, slowly,… [Read more…]

The 5 Best Cars Ever Made By Honda

Honda is one of the biggest carmakers and certainly one of the most well-known brands in the world. Here are the 5 greatest Hondas that went into production and sealed Honda’s reputation as one of the world’s best. [Read more…]


Your Spring Car Maintenance Checklist

Spring Is In The Air It’s starting to feel like spring in the air here in the Colorado Front Range. While it’s always good to stay prepared for that late-season winter storm – it’s also not too early to start planning for spring car care. Winter can be tough on...

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What Happens If I Run Out of Transmission Fluid?

First – What is Transmission Fluid? Transmission fluid keeps the gears of your transmission moving smoothly. Most people are familiar with engine oil – after all, oil changes are a frequent part of car maintenance. Transmission fluid is a little less known –...

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