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AAMCO Lakewood, CO

8808 W Colfax Avenue
Lakewood, CO 80215

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Also Serving: Golden, Morrison, Evergreen, Wheat Ridge, Conifer, and Edgewater.

AAMCO Lakewood
Transmission & Auto Repair

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Lakewood AAMCO Reviews

For over 50 years AAMCO has been a trusted name in transmissions, but we can fix just about anything on your vehicle.

From brakes to tune ups, shocks to air conditioning, AAMCO Lakewood can do it all.

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  • * We do our best to serve each and every customer. If you require an appointment within 24-36 hours, please call for assistance. Appointments booked online less than 24-36 hours in advance might not be available. Contact your selected AAMCO location directly to schedule your appointment.

AAMCO Lakewood, Colorado Transmissions & Car Repairs

(303) 234-1263
8808 W Colfax Avenue
Lakewood, CO 80215

Your Local Transmission & Total Car Care Specialists

At AAMCO of Lakewood, Colorado transmission and car care center we care about your vehicle as much as you do. We specialize in transmission rebuilds and replacements, but we also provide complete auto repair and maintenance services such as oil and filter changes, cooling and radiator services, brakes, shocks and struts, exhaust systems and much more.

Professional. Courteous. Reliable.

At AAMCO of Lakewood, Colorado, we work hard to provide you with the best transmission repair, rebuilds, and replacements. We use quality parts and back our work with the best nationwide warranty in the business. In addition to the most trusted transmission service in Lakewood, Colorado, we handle all your auto repairs and maintenance, from tune-ups and oil changes, cooling and radiator service, brakes and fluid service, struts and shocks to factory scheduled maintenance, check engine light diagnostics, and even a courtesy vehicle check to help you figure out what is wrong with your car.

Whether you need auto repair or just want to talk with a mechanic, your local, independent Lakewood, Colorado AAMCO auto service center is here for you. Come in to your neighborhood Lakewood AAMCO auto repair shop today and see why people who know, go to AAMCO.

  • External and Computer Diagnostic Services
  • Night-time Drop-off Available
  • Free Towing with Major Repair Service
  • We Honor Most Extended Warranties
  • Most General Repair Services Available
  • Nationwide Coverage on All Transmission Repair Services
  • Financing Arranged on Approved Credit
  • Specialists in Automatic, Manual, Front Wheel Drive, Overdrive, and 4x4’s

We put the Care back into Car Care. AAMCO Colorado’s expert mechanics will get you back on the road safely and reliably. Book an appointment online or call us today.

“Good service, nice people and a manager that took the time to explain everything to me. Never happy to learn that my car needs work (much less a fair amount of work) but I sure don’t want it to break down at the most inconvenient time and leave me stranded, either! Will go back here for some basic service – oil changes and such – because I trust them to be straight with me.” ★★★★★ – Rena E.

“I was a bit panicky when I brought my Lexus RX300 in. She’s an old gal and she had NO transmission fluid on the dip stick at all. They found a leak in the line and showed it to me, ordered the parts and topped me off so I would be OK for a few days until I could get it back in and repaired. Everyone was very respectful and reassuring. I had been to two other shops that were less than helpful. She’s all fixed now and I learned that they do all car repair not just transmission work. We will definitely be back 🙂 Many thanks!” ★★★★★ – C. Blume

Lakewood, CO Transmission Services

Trust, Quality, Value

For over 50 years AAMCO service centers have been the most trusted transmission experts in their communities. We specialize in diagnosis, service, and maintenance of transmissions, but our expertise extends to total car care.

Before starting any repair, we will perform an extensive multi-point inspection on your transmission. An $85 value available at many centers at no cost! And for over half the cars we service, we find only a minor repair is required. Call a competitor or local independent shop and they may quote you a price for a transmission that you may not need!

If your transmission needs repair, we will rebuild your transmission right. We use quality parts and our AAMCO certified technicians get the job done right. We will back it with the strongest nationwide warranty in the business, from our basic no-questions-asked nationwide warranty to our available iron-clad lifetime warranty!

  • Multi-Point Inspection & Diagnostics Services
  • Repair & Rebuild Services
  • Power Purge and Maintenance Services
  • Four-Wheel Drive (4x4) Services
  • Advanced hybrid and CVT transmissions

When you come to AAMCO Lakewood, Colorado, you get honest, hard-working local mechanics who take care of not only your car, but you. We know you’ve got a lot invested in your car, including peace of mind for a safe, reliable ride. We put the care back into car care.

Lakewood AAMCO Transmission Services

We are one of the world’s most recognized names in transmission expertise. We know transmissions, so when you need transmission service, no one does it better than your local AAMCO expert technicians.

If our initial diagnosis calls for service, you know it’ll be done right. If your drivability problems can be solved with a fluid change or our proprietary Power Purge ® service, that is what we will do.

Reseal Service

Your vehicle’s only problem could be that your automatic transmission is not retaining fluid with no other drivability problems. You may only need our AAMCO Reseal Service. The AAMCO Reseal Service for an automatic transmission includes:

  • Removal of the transmission from your vehicle, and disassembly sufficient to perform the service.
  • Replacement of all external seals and select components by expert AAMCO technicians to correct the fluid retention problem.

The transmission is reinstalled, fluid refilled to the full level with fresh, clean transmission fluid and any external adjustments are made as needed. Your vehicle is then road tested to ensure the transmission is functioning properly and your car, truck or SUV is ready to take you anywhere you need to go.

Transmission Service

Our signature transmission rebuild service is the difference and gives us the confidence to offer you the best nationwide warranty in the business. Whether you drive a car, truck or SUV. Manual or automatic transmission. Foreign or domestic. Luxury or economy. We know your transmission.

Clutch Service

Drive a manual transmission? We know those too! Our Transmission Multi-Point Inspection check may find your problem is with your clutch and cannot be corrected by external adjustments, repair or replacement of a clutch-related component. Your certified AAMCO expert technician will then:

  • Remove your vehicle’s transmission.
  • Inspect the clutch disc, pressure plate, flywheel and related components.
  • Replace any required components to meet AAMCO’s exacting standards.
  • Reinstall of the transmission.
  • Refill with fresh, clean fluid.
  • Perform a lift check to ensure proper clutch installation and adjustment.

Your vehicle is then road tested to ensure proper clutch operation, and your car, truck or SUV is ready to go for miles and miles to come.

Car repair questions? Get Answers.

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Get Answers to Your Car Care Questions

Have a question about your car, our services, warranty, or that strange noise your transmission is making? Get answers. Rest easy. All of our local Colorado AAMCO centers have knowledgeable auto repair technicians who provide excellent customer service and expert answers based on years of hands-on experience.

Get Answers Fast!

Lakewood, CO Auto Repair Services

AAMCO Lakewood Transmissions and Total Car Care

More Than Transmissions

Our Colorado transmission and automotive repair centers specialize in transmissions, but as trusted, local Denver metro and Front Range Colorado mechanics we handle all your automotive repair and maintenance needs. You can rely on our technicians to diagnose and repair your automatic and manual transmission problems. In addition to clutch service and replacement, transmission flushes, and rebuilds, we use modern computer diagnostics to identify engine and other issues throughout your car’s systems so we can repair your car reliably and get you back on the road without worry. We work on all makes and models, including 4x4s.

Save Money – Get a Tune-Up

A properly tuned vehicle can increase your gas mileage, improve performance, and help protect the environment. Expert AAMCO mechanics give your car a thorough checkup and make any needed adjustments to keep your car running smoothly, including installation of new spark plugs. We will also perform the following, if applicable to your vehicle:

  • Idle speed adjustment, set timing as needed, inspect choke, throttle linkage, spark plug wires and distributor cap
  • Comprehensive performance check to verify that no drivability or computer system trouble codes exist
  • Plus our AAMCO Multi-Point Inspection® to ensure all of your vehicle’s critical systems are in good working order.

Come on in to your local AAMCO Longmont, call, or book online for a tune-up.

Brake Services & Repair

Brakes squeaking, grinding, or vibrating? Don’t drive in the mountains with bad brakes. Stop by AAMCO in Lakewood, CO on 8808 W Colfax Avenue. An expert technician will examine your entire braking system – including pads/shoes, hydraulic fluids, rotor/drum wear, calipers and wheel cylinders, brake hardware, hoses and lines, master cylinder, and the anti-lock system. If a brake replacement is necessary, an AAMCO mechanic will be able to explain to you all the options available and the best course of action to take.

Muffler & Exhaust Repair

If you’re having trouble with your exhaust system or muffler, have your vehicle inspected as soon as possible. Some of the things you might be experiencing:

  • Steady Roar or Rumbling
  • Rattling
  • Hissing
  • Metallic Vibrations
  • Colored Smoke From Tailpipe

Colorado AAMCO’s emission and exhaust muffler repair services include inspection and repair for your catalytic converter, oxygen sensor, EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valves and sensors, muffler, exhaust pipes, exhaust manifold, resonator, tail pipes, brackets, clamps, and hardware. We guarantee our services with the best nationwide warranty available.

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