Vehicle to Vehicle Communication - Highway - AAMCO Colorado Transmission RepairUsing technology similar to autonomous cars, the Obama Administration is requiring all future cars and light trucks to have warning sensors that the vehicle is at risk of a collision. Not only will that be the case but the cars must be able to talk to one another as well.

Preventing Car Crashes

While the date that manufacturers must have this safety feature on their new cars is to be determined, the steps towards making this standard will help save many lives and testing is underway.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says most accidents occur when making left turns and entering intersections as these two types account for about 592,000 accidents. The ability for cars to detect and notify each other will decrease the likelihood of collisions, but by how much depends on the driver’s reaction as well.

Vehicle-to-Vehicle Requirements

The requirements for this feature is that sensors should be able to detect objects and vehicles 300 yards away. Requiring the cars to communicate with one another will be interesting based whether or not that infringes on personal information and whether your car is trackable at all times. Currently, Google is tracking everywhere you go by way of your smartphone. There is certainly a lot of concern for privacy.

However, they will be using radio signals that track position and speed. A possible option is also to notify the driver if they are about to run a red light or need to stop suddenly. It is estimated that it will cost about $350 to outfit new cars and probably a bit more to retrofit older cars. Many manufacturers are worried about the liability of their sensor quality and technology compared to others.

A Safer Future for Drivers & Community

The hope is that not only will this significantly reduce accidents, but save lives, money, and the time and effort it takes to safely clean up car accidents. Gas tank spills from accidents are generally very tricky and hazardous to those cleaning up and anybody in the vicinity. In addition, less people will have to suffer the trauma of a car collision.

While it is noble that the Obama Administration is concerned with the safety of Americans, it seems that these types of safety measures are usually initially requested by the general population and not the government, like rear-view cameras for avoiding accidents and backing over people and animals.

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