Maintenance for Manual Transmission Cars

Customer Talking to AAMCO Mechanic - Transmission Repair - AAMCO ColoradoIf you own a manual transmission car, maintenance and transmission services are required just like automatic transmissions except for a few key items.

Back then, it really was easier to maintain a manual and they did get better mileage. However, with the progress in car technology, many assumptions about manual transmissions are no longer true if they ever were.

These days, mileage, control, and maintenance are pretty much the same between manuals and automatics.

Cost Differences

Purchasing a manual transmission is actually still cheaper than an automatic, by about $1,000. However, whereas an automatic transmission will generally last the life of the car, manual transmissions need one or more clutch replacements before it completely dies. It can cost anywhere between $700 to $900 to replace a clutch, depending on the shop and the parts.

How to Tell When the Clutch is Broken

Driving a manual transmission means you get very knowledgeable about how your car feels when shifting gears. Whenever something seems off, you as the driver will be the first to know and it’s best to stick to your gut when you ask yourself whether something is wrong.

Here are common symptoms that mean you should bring your car in for a car repair inspection:

  • Clutch Pedal is Hard to Press
  • Clutch Pedal Feels Too Soft
  • Transmission Pops Out of Gear
  • Noise Coming From the Gear
  • Difficult to Shift Gears

If you notice any of these problems, it’s best to get a diagnostic to make sure everything is ok and avoid any big problems later on.

Manual Transmission Problems

The clutch is directly connected to the transmission in manuals so if anything is wrong with it, then it is affecting the transmission itself somewhere down the line. However, some other issues that can occur with the manual transmission are:

  • Transmission is Not Aligned to the Engine
  • Transmission Fluid Needs Replacing

Getting your car checked seasonally and taking advantage of free multi-point inspections and diagnostics can help you avoid any major transmission or clutch issues that are usually a lot more expensive than identifying small problems early on.

Car Maintenance Schedule

Sticking with a car maintenance schedule will keep you ahead of any car repairs. Since the Factory Recommended Maintenance varies between make and model, it’s best to refer to your owner’s manual.

Generally though, you should frequently check your headlights, any dashboard indicator lights, engine oil levels, windshield washer fluid levels, and tires.

At least once a year you may need to replace your windshield wipers depending on where you live. Every three months check your fluid levels, air filters, hoses, exhaust, and lights. Twice a year get your tires inspected, inflated, aligned and rotated. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to get your transmission fluid flushed every 30,000 miles.

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