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Summer Means Air Conditioning

Air conditioning keeps you cool and comfortable, whether you’re cruising on the open road or stuck in traffic. It’s not only important to your general driving-related happiness, but to the health and well-being of your passengers, especially image - extreme closeup - air conditioning control buttonsthe elderly and children. But it’s really indispensable on a hot day when having the windows down, hot air drawing out the sweat and blasting away at your freshly styled hair, on the way to your friend’s wedding, is not an option. When your air conditioning goes out, what can you do but suffer until you can take your car to a mechanic? Here are some warning signs that hopefully will save you from a hot mess.

No Air Conditioning

It could be the compressor, a broken belt, the Freon (refrigerant), the condenser, receiver-dryer, expansion valve, evaporator, or blower. Whatever the problem, it’s time to drive to your local AAMCO Colorado for an air conditioning inspection and any recommended repairs, or make an appointment.

That Squealing Noise!

At some point we’ve all experienced the AC drag, when the air conditioning kicks in and the engine loses power. Along with this oftentimes is an unpleasant loud squealing that alerts people to your presence, or imminent arrival. So much for sneaking into the church late. This is due to either the air conditioner clutch being out of alignment or going bad, or the compressor belt being loose or worn out. In either case, it’s a good idea to call AAMCO Colorado, describe the issue and the noise (maybe even try to imitate it for them), and schedule an air conditioning inspection.

Other Sounds and Sensations

That clunk you heard was not the sound of the impression your gift made on the wedding couple. It was the air conditioner clutch. Yes, that one part is fraught with potential problems. When you turn on the AC, it sends a signal to the pumps to get kicking and start pushing refrigerant through the system. Another sound you might hear, accompanied by vibration, is rattling when the clutch disengages. This happens while idling, or when the temperature inside the vehicle has reached a level that could turn back global warming. This, again, is a sign that you should have the air conditioning inspected.

What’s That Smell?

If you turn on the air conditioning and what blows out is nice, cool air, but with an odor that would wither the bridal bouquet, it’s an indicator of mold growth, a clogged filter or vent, or maybe a dead mouse or other vermin having a found a nice spot to call it quits somewhere in your car. In any case, it’s a good idea to have the AC system inspected, because what’s in the air ends up in your body, and could cause health problems. Plus, you really don’t want that odiferous splendor to soak into your outfit and make itself your unintended date at the reception.

You know how your air conditioner normally sounds while it’s running. If it’s making strange sounds during operation, or not working as well as it should, that’s a sign of trouble, and you should have someone take a look at the problem. Using the air conditioner while it’s not in good working order could cause further damage and cost you more money in the long run.

If you have questions about your car’s air conditioning or any other car repair and maintenance topics, AAMCO Colorado can help. You can also go online and use the AAMCO Colorado Ask a Mechanic feature to submit your auto repair questions. They will be answered by a real AAMCO Colorado mechanic as soon as possible.

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