Signs Your Car Needs a Mechanic

Signs Your Car Needs a Mechanic

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Sometimes we ignore the small signs our cars give us which indicate a potential problem. So what if the check engine light comes on? It’s just a sensor, no big deal. It doesn’t matter if there is smoke coming from the exhaust. That is the point, right? Wrong. If your car is talking to you, you may want to listen. We have compiled a short list of signs that may require a visit to the mechanic.

  • Noises While Driving
    Do you hear a crunching or grinding sound when you slow down, hit bumps, or turn sharp corners? This could be a symptom of issues with your tires, or it could mean that the wheel bearings or differential bearing is going bad. If you’re hearing a squealing sound, this could mean your brakes need to be changed. Regardless of the specific sound, if your car is making any noise besides a hum, you should get your vehicle inspected.
  • Liquids on the Ground
    If you notice a pool of liquid, small or large, underneath the front end of your car after it has been parked or idling, you have a leak. If the liquid is green, you’ve got a coolant leak. If you’re seeing a dark red or brown liquid, you’re dealing with either a brake fluid, transmission oil, or engine oil leak. Although, in the summer you may notice water under the vehicle, this is simply condensation and is completely normal.
  • You Notice Smoke
    Your car should never, ever be smoking. If this is happening, especially under the hood, your engine is overheating. When your engine begins to overheat, it is imperative that you stop and pull over immediately. Keep a close eye on the temperature gauge to see how quickly it is heating up. A little bit of white smoke coming from the exhaust pipe is normal, but should you notice the smoke is black, or leaving residue on the pipe, you should take your car to your mechanic straight away.
  • Your Check Engine Light Stays On
    Believe it or not, your check engine light actually does serve a purpose. If it is on, then there is a good chance that something, somewhere in your engine isn’t functioning properly. There is no need to panic if it comes on, but you should have it checked out sooner rather than later.However, if the check engine light (typically yellow or red) is flashing, you should seek assistance immediately. It could be an emissions problem, which could cause damage to your catalytic convertor.

Anytime you notice your vehicle is running differently than normal, you shouldn’t wait for the problem to resolve itself. Visit your trusted AAMCO location for assistance with these issues and more. Check out our current specials and schedule your appointment today!

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