The 10 Most Dangerous Things Commonly Done While Driving

The Most Dangerous Things A Person Can Do While They Drive

Colorado Springs AAMCO LocationPeople tend to develop some pretty terrible driving habits over the course of their driving careers. So in order to try and remind people of some of the more dangerous things they can do while driving, we’ve developed this list.

Remember that when you’re told to be a safe driver, it’s not just with you in mind. Unsafe driving habits are potentially dangerous for everyone near a road, other drivers, pedestrians, cyclists… everyone.

So be mindful so that you don’t hurt an innocent person with poor decisions and habits. Without further ado, here are the top 10 most dangerous things a person can do while they drive.

#10. Road Raging

Every driver at some point has become upset by the actions of another driver. Whether that be from getting cut off, lane changes without a signal, speeding by, or any other number of reasons. But what needs to be remembered is that human emotion is strong, and if your focused on being upset from what someone else did, you’re not focused on the road.

Attention is the biggest factor between arriving to your destination safely, and getting into an accident. When your attention is elsewhere and you are not focused on driving, many problems can occur.

#9. Eating

For most, there’s not enough time in the day. So to make up for time lost driving, some decide to eat while on the road rather than wait till they get where they are going. All it takes is a little food going down the wrong pipe, or spilling your hot pasta or soup on your lap and all of a sudden the last thing you’re worried about is driving. It’s obvious how this can be dangerous.

#8. Grabbing Something Out Of Reach

How many times has your phone or CD case been wanted only to find out its deep in the back seat or lodged under a seat? So what do you do? In this instance many people do the Stretch Armstrong technique and try with all their might to reach it. I’ve even witnessed people completely take their hands off the wheel, do a 180 so that they can listen to their favorite Celine Dion album.

Without hands on the wheel or eyes on the road, your’re a multi ton piece of steel drifting aimlessly. Just wait till you stop, or better yet, take a little quite time to reflect… on how you didn’t put others lives in danger to lip sing a song you probably wouldn’t be caught dead listening to.

#7. Putting On Makeup

Everyone has seen this before, the woman who is in such a rush that she has to put eye liner and mascara on her face while driving… whilst staring at herself in the mirror. First of all, it’s unlikely the makeup will be put on well so it’s a bit counterintuitive. But secondly, there is absolutely no attention being paid to the road. The only alert that a person may see is if brake lights go on. The last time I checked, children and dogs crossing the road don’t come with hazard lights on them.

#6. Changing Clothes

If it’s cold while your driving, turn on the heat. If it’s hot, roll down the window or turn on the AC. Your no Houdini, and you certainly not putting on a show. Wait to throw on clothes until you come to a stop, or pull off.

When pulling something over your head, you are quite literally blinding yourself momentarily. It’s not uncommon to get caught up your clothes dressing yourself in the morning. Imagine becoming entangled while on the highway, utterly frightening.

#5. Driving With Headphones

It’s understood not everyone can afford a great sound system in their vehicle. But that is no excuse for deafening out the rest of the world because you want to jam out. Now you might argue, “well deaf people can drive.” Yes, they can. But they know what it’s like to be alert without the aid of sound.

The average person is not, and the average person has but two ways to tell them whats going on while driving. Sight and sound, if you take sound out of the equation, you’ve just decreased your intake on whats going on around you by half. A simple car horn, or the screech of brakes is enough to help divert you from an accident.

#4. Driving With A Dog Or Child In Your Lap

It is a kind thought when a parent allows their kid to ride in their lap and pretend to drive, and on private property, sure have at it. But when on a public roadway, there is no telling what a child or animal will do which can cause you to lose control.

A dog can scratch your face, or a kid can poke you in the eye. Point being, both children and dogs are unruly and unpredictable. You don’t want them in your lap when you’re trying to get somewhere safely.

#3. Driving With Your Knees

Man has made wondrous things with the use of hands, its hard to come up with anything useful that was created by knees. There is a reason you want to keep your hands in the 10-2 position as it allows for the most control. Your knees at the 8-4 position mean nothing, which is why the 8-4 position is made up. Keep your hands on the wheel at all times. Theres very few golden rules to safe driving, but remaining in control is certainly one of them.

#2. Texting

The world is a busy place, and between emails, texting, Facebook, Twitter, and any other media you choose to add in there, you can stare at your phone for hours laughing, crying, or whatever. But when your fiddling with your phone, not only is your attention elsewhere, but so are your eyes as well as your hands.

Don’t injure someone becuase you had to tweet about the cute dog you say on the side of the road. The story can still be told later, and anything you can read while driving will be there when you get to your destination.

#1. Reading

Perhaps the worst of all activities that a person can engage themselves in while driving. Reading while you drive turns a nice peaceful ride into a gauntlet of uncertainty and potential doom. Granted you may have your hands on the wheel while you hold the book or newspaper. But almost all of your attention is focused on whats being read, and thats even worse than texting.

At least texting occurs in short bursts, reading entails the person to be quite engaged and rarely is there a stopping point. You can just keep reading. In a time when not enough people read, it’s a shame to have to announce that reading while you drive is forbidden.

You shouldn’t ever have to tell someone not to read, but there is this one, simple, and sole exception. So be mindful of those around you, and save the next chapter of The Twilight till you arrive at your destination.

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