Things To Avoid When Cleaning Your Car

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There is an endless list of things a person can learn about cars in general, but there are very few who understand how to give their vehicle the proper wash it deserves. Sure, any old sap knows how to wash the dirt and grime off, but do you really know how to make her shine?

#1. Don’t Wash Your Car In The Sun: You would think that the best time to wash your vehicle is during a sunny day. The heat will help to dry, while you get to enjoy a few rays. But the heat generated from direct sunlight bakes the soap onto your cars surface. This results in swirls being left on your paint, and certain soaps will even bake themselves into the paint leaving a lasting mark. The best thing to do is wash your car under shade, and away from direct sunlight. This will not only protect the paint, but will also ensure the water doesn’t dry, which leaves streaks, before you can wipe it off.

#2. Never Use Old T-Shirts and Rags To Dry With: There are two results that occur from drying your vehicle with old rags and t-shirts worth avoiding. One is that small particles from the cloth itself will become trapped between the paint and the cloth, creating small scratches on the paints surface. The second is those same particles, as most well know, are a pain to wipe clean. So to avoid this hassle, use 100% terrycloth cotton towels or premium microfiber towels.

#3. Avoid Using One Big Layer Of Wax: There is no doubt waxing is tedious at best, but if you want your car to look clean and crisp as it can, don’t use huge globs of wax to speed up the process. Doing this is simply counterproductive and all that will result from it are obvious smears being created and asting after the wax has dried. The wax will also not last as long either as rather than being smooth, it will be coarse and more likely to flake off. The protective layer you are adding to your car will be useless. To avoid this, and something that may not make the process easier, is using two smaller layers of wax being finely polished. It will obviously take longer, but nothing good comes easy.

#4. Try To Not Use Only A Single Bucket: It’s the same reason you don’t mop your home with a single bucket. You have one bucket for washing with soap, and another for rinsing. You can’t trust that the hose will rinse off all the excess dirt and soap, so you wash the car a second time solely with clean water. Again, this may add to the process, but it will avoid washing with dirt and grim, which can cause scratches and ultimately works against you.

#5. Never Use Other Soaps, Such As Dishwashing Detergent To Clean With: It may be easy to think that one cleaning product meant for a specific task, can work as cleaning product for another. But if that were the case, we wouldn’t have as many different cleaning products as we do. Many soaps, especially dish cleaning products, are formulated to strip everything off of the surface. This means there is no protection left behind. Car soap is formulated to clean without stripping, so use pH-balanced car specific products that condition. This will help dramatically enhance the appearance of the vehicle, as well as protect the paint.

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