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The automobile was not invented in the United States, even though it is the preferred mode of daily transportation among Americans. The automobile was actually invented in Germany, with the first working model made by German engineer Gottlieb Daimler. He was soon followed by another German, Karl Benz, who designed and built his own version of a car.

What is interesting is the way the automobile has become such a way of American life that we have what is known as a “car culture.” The way we live and build our infrastructures to support our lives – from our office buildings and neighborhoods, cities and suburbs, systems and centers of commerce – is with the car in mind. AAMCO itself is a product of this car culture.image - old american classic car

Though early automobiles were rare, pricey, and often considered a mere fad, or oddities, they eventually became accessible to many Americans, thanks to industrial development. Henry Ford and other enterprising automotive visionaries figured out assembly line methods to mass produce affordable automobiles, making cars an attainable “luxury” for many Americans. Though they were still out of most citizens’ economic sphere early on, the gap would quickly shrink and by post World War II 1940s and 1950s, the automobile became a ubiquitous part of life in America.

As cities grew and suburbs expanded outward, the car represented a way for American workers to escape the choking hustle and bustle of the city, and, most importantly, achieve the American dream of owning a home. What was key? They were able to easily get to and from work, and to places around and in between, thanks to their cars. Public mass transportation was effectively crushed by a cooperative of companies that bought streetcar systems and turned them into bus lines and roads which facilitated that growth of the automobile industry. Mass transit, with its one size fits all and lumbering governmental management, just couldn’t keep up with the expansion or the constantly changing needs of modern American life. Automobiles meant independence, individuality, and, at the core of American values, freedom.

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With the decline of railway transportation, exploding automobile production, advances in oil refineries and gasoline production, the automobile quickly became a way for the average American to travel at will and explore this vast country of ours in relative comfort. As roads and highways evolved, so did cars and entire industries around them. Gas stations, shops for parts and repairs, lodging, food, even movies eventually grew around or out of car culture.

Today our cars are integral parts of our lives. Much of American life happens with the assumption that the automobile is involved, or at the very least a vehicle that has its roots in the rise of the automobile is involved at some point. Cars make it possible to travel on a whim (road trip!), explore our towns and cities, on out to the country and neighboring states. The automobile is a symbol of the romance and freedom of the open road. It provides a means by which to enjoy the scenery, make stops as one pleases, and experience travel in a much more personal way than a train or bus affords. A car is an expression of individuality and independence, and represents a mobility and prosperity that is uniquely American.

At AAMCO Colorado we love cars and dedicate our hard work to keeping yours running in top condition so you can get around town, head out on those road trips, explore, discover, and pursue your dreams. Your modern automobile, though it has become a complex combination of finely tuned, electronically controlled systems, monitored and managed by numerous computers, still has many of the same parts and basic systems. At AAMCO Colorado we use all the latest technology to diagnose and fix your car, from check engine lights and computer codes, to oil changes and transmission rebuilds. Schedule an appointment at AAMCO Colorado for all your transmission and automotive repair and maintenance needs.

If you have questions about your car’s road readiness, or about car repair and maintenance topics, AAMCO Colorado can help. You can also go online and use the AAMCO Colorado Ask a Mechanic feature to submit your auto repair questions. They will be answered by a real AAMCO Colorado mechanic as soon as possible.

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